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TROJAN Corporate offers various services to our clients. We understand that by determining where a Club is exposed to a potential compliance failure, will open up a conversation for a plan to be developed that will prevent a breach, or incident from occurring.

Having solutions will allow the business to respond to identified problems and achieve real outcomes.

Trojan Corporate provides the following services for your consideration.

OPTION 1 – Compliance Review

A two hour onsite basic review. The review includes a verbal report (only) with the manager on duty and summary email to follow. Contact us to obtain a quote.

OPTION 2 – Compliance Review with written report

A two hour onsite basic review. The review includes a basic written report with recommendations for remedial action. Contact us to obtain a quote.

OPTION 3 – Compliance review, report, & action plan

A four hour (minimum) onsite review and detailed report including requirements, findings and recommendations. Contact us to obtain a quote.

OPTION 4 – Compliance consulting services

Retainer service. Our consultants work with your team to:

  • Review of in-house systems
  • Further develop policies and procedures
  • Testing for training needs analysis and identification
  • Coordination of compliance training requirements
  • Implementation of compliance practices and procedures
  • Implement systems to test compliance with legal requirements imposed by applicable Acts and Authorities. Random audits will be used to test and measure compliance.
  • Responding to Regulator Audit requirements as they arise.
  • Act on matters arising in respect of liquor, licensing and legislative matters.
  • Other matters as agreed to.

Contact us to obtain a quote.

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