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By Narelle Davidson

Compliance opportunity #2 – Consistency = Results

Recently I was speaking with a client who said, “I finally feel that we are starting to get on top of compliance”.   Hallelujah moment for me! I calmed myself down and reinforced with this sentiment “That is so good to hear, consistency = results”.  It really was great to hear that a client (small club greater than 50, but less than 100 gaming machines) was feeling good about their compliance risk.  At that point we acknowledged this was a team result.

This made me think about the consistency = results approach.  What is this really all about?  For me, consistency is about doing something repeatedly, or in a similar way to achieve the desired outcome.  Ultimately, the result.  The result is important because if we do not get clear on what the outcome is, we will never know when we have achieved it.   We can consistently do something, making it a habit that offers no real benefit.  It’s important to get clear on what we want to achieve and why we want to achieve it.   Once we get clear on the what and why we can then start to put the pieces together.

Slow and steady wins the race or does it?

Getting results is about making the best use of the resources that you have available to you.  Resources can be limited (as my client above could give testimony to); however, when we tap into the right ones results happen.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten” Tony Robbins

Questions to ask?

  1. What do we want to achieve? Improve compliance standards – implement a compliance management system.
  2. What stops us from getting to our compliance tasks? Obstacles – time, procrastination, suitable resources – human, financial, lack of skills and knowledge, other priorities and other risks.
  3. Why do we want to achieve improved compliance? Sleep easier, consistency, less likelihood for regulatory attention, less chance of being fined, reduced risk of litigation, protection.
  4. What is my strategy or what will be my action plan? Start allocating time. Stop putting other things in front.  Start to think about resourcing.
  5. How will this turn into a visible result? Start doing all of the above.

Obstacles will come up

I often hear “I have the best intentions to get to this, I take it home every night, but just can’t seem to get anywhere’.  It’s not surprising.  I think most would agree when we leave work for the day,  we don’t want to take it with home with us.  Working from home, social media, technology and accessibility to it make it harder than it’s ever been to switch off.  We need to get realistic and specific on the time that we can invest in achieving and, or maintaining compliance.  Don’t make this time compete with other priorities.

Obstacles can prevent us from achieving the desired outcome.  Outcomes are aligned to what we value, or what we set out to achieve.  Procrastination and time are common obstacles.   Procrastination means we put things off, avoid or delay the task.  We need realistic timeframes.  No timeframe means we “bang” away indefinitely without success.  Setting realistic goals within practical and reasonable time frames means we are more likely to achieve results. Allocating time is committing our attention. We need to make the best use of our time available.  We need to be consistently giving time to compliance.  Often our biggest obstacle is just getting started.  We need to commit and make it happen.

The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities. Stephen Covey

What’s next – getting it together

Get on track.  Consider your strategy.  Sometimes the best solutions are hidden in our biggest obstacles.  Think about:

  • What do you need to do to make things happen?
  • What resources do you need?
  • The specific tasks and create an action plan.
  • The obstacles you may encounter.
  • What needs to stop happening so this objective remains the priority?
  • The end result – go back to why you’re doing this.

Once you have an action plan – start implementing it.  Start to allocate time to the task, be it daily, or weekly.  Focus on the results and getting it done.   Seems that the formula is:

Consistency Over Time = Results (COT=R)

About narelle-davidson
Narelle Davidson has been involved in the hospitality industry for 20 years and has experience working with clubs and hotels in New South Wales & Queensland. Narelle has progressed through varying roles from front line customer service, gaming promotion co-ordination, self-employment, hotel management, training, consulting and compliance. In most recent years, Narelle has focussed on compliance programs and solutions for hospitality venues. With practical understanding of both NSW & Queensland legislative requirements Narelle is able to rationalise and provide the expertise required to facilitate effective regulatory and operational compliance frameworks. Narelle is a current member of the Governance, Risk and Compliance Institute (GRCI).
Consistency = Results