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By Narelle Davidson

Mistake #1 – The compliance management system doesn’t prepare the business to meet compliance obligations

A good compliance management system should prepare the business to meet its compliance obligations. The compliance management system should provide an accessible knowledge base for team members and customised information that will help them to perform their role and attain the necessary standards to ensure compliance.

In order to manage strategic and regulatory compliance obligations as efficiently as possible, a centralised system is best.


Implementing a centralised, organised repository for policies, procedures and practices including training, incidents, reports, review and continual improvement will ensure that every team member has access, to important compliance information they need to get them prepared.

About narelle-davidson
Narelle Davidson has been involved in the hospitality industry for 20 years and has experience working with clubs and hotels in New South Wales & Queensland. Narelle has progressed through varying roles from front line customer service, gaming promotion co-ordination, self-employment, hotel management, training, consulting and compliance. In most recent years, Narelle has focussed on compliance programs and solutions for hospitality venues. With practical understanding of both NSW & Queensland legislative requirements Narelle is able to rationalise and provide the expertise required to facilitate effective regulatory and operational compliance frameworks. Narelle is a current member of the Governance, Risk and Compliance Institute (GRCI).