By Narelle Davidson

Make time to test compliance performance

Mistake #4 – Failing to test compliance performance

Failing to test compliance systems is a recipe for malfunction.  We must monitor, evaluate and review our compliance management system.

We take the time to set smart business goals.  It is critical to monitor and measure these regularly.  We must test compliance and make assessment to ensure sufficient resources are allocated.  The performance of the system should be reviewed regularly, along with those who use it.

The compliance program must be documented, communicated, implemented, monitored and measured. The compliance management system should demonstrate performance of the compliance program.

A major incident, or compliance failure is not the ideal way to find out that there is a problem with your compliance management system.  Test compliance to prevent a systemic failure.


Ensure that your compliance management system is regularly monitored, evaluated and reviewed.  Test the system. Does it pass or fail?

Work out your points of vulnerability.

Put a plan in place to address the non-compliances or weaknesses in your system.  This will ensure informed, considered and effective results.  Achieving business goals becomes possible.