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VERIFi – Compliance Management in the Cloud

Cloud ComplianceVERIFi is a contemporary cloud-based solution, designed specifically for licensed premises.  This product will automate and streamline your compliance management system.  It is modular, agile and flexible.  VERIFi is suitable for multiple devices that can be used anytime, anywhere.

VERIFi provides a centralised knowledge base for your team.  It stores important compliance documentation, records and tools in an accessible online format. VERIFi helps:

  • management teams prepare for meetings,
  • manage and continually improve compliance in your Club.

Automated calendar reminders, ensure that critical compliance dates and tasks won’t fall off the agenda, providing protection for the business through audit trails and record management.

VERIFi responds to the business, by escalating unresolved incidents and reporting on corrective actions.

The system monitors the response and status of tasks, calendar items and incidents.  Team members have accountability to the system which provides solid performance management capacity.

VERIFi provides you with online reporting capabilities.  The system will generate status reports on matters that are in action, unresolved or resolved. Online reporting at your fingertips. Compliance matters will not fall off the radar.

VERIFi validates the clubs compliance program.  It will provide early warning and critical alerts to the business where compliance may not be being met or at risk.

VERIFi simplifies the complexities of compliance obligations.  It protects the club and provides comfort that lets you sleep at night.

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