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Compliance Consultants to the Hospitality Industry

When having fun gets serious
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Are you worried about compliance? Do you struggle to find time to dedicate to compliance?

We help time-poor Managers of Pubs and Clubs to eliminate their compliance ‘overwhelm’, so they can get back to the important business of having Fun!

Advice, Support, Continual Improvement

We Develop

Base and structure

Develop compliance programs associated policy and procedure, documents and forms

We Train

Online, in-house, mentoring

Facilitating and developing compliance training (educating) for a wide variety of clients since 2007

We Test

Independent reviews

Its one thing to say you will do something, the real test is making sure you are!

Together, we make it happen

Mentoring – online and onsite

Implementing and mentoring compliance.  Getting it done.

My Approach to Continual Improvement

At Trojan Corporate we value the importance of, establishing and maintaining trusted relationships with our clients. We respect and appreciate the opportunity our clients provide for us to learn from them and believe that we are privileged to be able to share knowledge and experiences.


Principal Consultant, Trojan Corporate

Frequently Asked Questions

How can trojan help me?

What is it that you need help with? Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?  Do you have other priorities  – give us a call. 


and why should I choose you?

Because ?your team have other priorities ? your managers time is better spent in other areas of your business ?it takes time to develop the resources and tools ?your customers are your focus. 

How Do I Know if COMPLIANCE MENTORING Is Right for Me?

Are you struggling to stay on top of compliance?

Are you feeling vulnerable and is compliance one of the contributing factors? Does it fell like a full time job, staying across legislative change?  Do you have the time?  Does your team have the time?  Do you have things you’d rather be doing?  Do you hate compliance?  Is managing compliance becoming costly and taking up more time?  Are you loosing sleep at night?  Does compliance make you anxious?  Does compliance feel like a burden to you and your team?  Are you worried something might go wrong and you don’t know what it might be?   Are you in the category of not knowing what you don’t know and worried you may find out what you don’t know….nothings a problem till it is a problem?  If you answered yes to any of these questions – compliance mentoring is right for you!

who will you need to work with?

We work with the people in your business who are responsible for compliance – this can be the Directors, CEO, General Manager, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Duty Manager, Gaming Team, the whole team!

what resources will you need access to?

Your people! Your knowledge!  Generally, we will need to access your existing policy and procedure, other resources such as training records/systems, record keeping such as minutes. In return, we will relieve the stress and anxiety, give you our time, our knowledge and your peace of mind.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes!  Thats our passion.  We love learning about you, your business and helping hospitality venues eliminate their compliance overwhelm, so that they can worry less about the serious stuff and get back to the important business of having fun.

We help solve your compliance issues and improve business systems, processes and performance, through collaboration.  Together we make a commitment, share our knowledge, experience, skills and resources – to achieve results.



0417 427 669



P.O. Box 473 Helensvale, Qld 4212